Betsy Van Dyke Foster

Were extremely pleased to announce our newest client, Betsy Van Dyke Foster.  Betsy is a world class rider and trainer.  She specializes in dressage riding and instruction.  Although her new site is still under development you can view her current site here.

Phelps Legal Group

Ironkeep is proud to announce our newest customer, and Traverse City’s newest law office, Phelps Legal Group.  Eric Phelps specializes in Adoption; Family Law; Estate Planning; Real Property; Civil Litigation; Criminal Defense; Bioethics; Reproductive Law.
Congratulations Eric Phelps.

Rosi & Gardner PC

Ironkeep is proud to announce Rosi & Gardner PC as a client – http://www.rosigardner.com . The partners Phil Rosi and Gary Gardner practice law in the Grand Traverse region. With several decades experience between them they are masters of their trade.

Hard Disk, and Disk Drive Recovery

Ironkeep is pleased to announce our newest service – Hard Disk recovery. Ironkeep has always been a leader in data recovery, management, and maintenance, and now with our new partner – Gillware Inc. we can provide state of the art clean room data recovery services.
A failed hard disk can be a very traumatic experience. [...]

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing
Improving Your IT

Ironkeep is dedicated to bringing the best services to Northern Michigan and the Grand Traverse Area. Cloud Computing represents a tremendous leap forward.

Click the Button to learn more about Cloud Computing. Call us to find out how we can bring this game changing technology to your business.

Remote Support

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